Software Testing

Level Up Your Testing Skills; Crack the Code to Perfection

Software testing is the process of evaluating that a software product performs as expected. This is incredibly important to most software businesses. Infact, CISQ stated that in 2022 alone, approximately $2.08 trillion was lost by U.S companies due to poor software quality.

We can tell there is a massive need for Software testers in the industry. This is shown by the fact that Software Tester salaries are quite high with great opportunities for advancement, especially in the Uk where salaries are averaging around £47000 due to many companies are looking for competent testers.
Anyone can enter the Software testing world. From as little as 0 years of experience you can gain your accreditation and begin your journey as a tester. It doesn’t matter what you were before, as long as you have the focus and dedication to excel, you can be an accomplished tester within months.

With our online classes led by our reliable Instructors with over a decade of experience testing, We will be able to teach you the modern approaches that is now used when testing software. We will show you common mistakes made by new testers and how to avoid them. Lastly, as you are learning with your classmates, we will have you all work together to replicate a team so you have that experience being a team player.

More About Our Software Testing Program

What makes a Competent Tester?

Attention to Detail
Being able to work well in a team
In depth knowledge of Modern testing practices
Here, we pride ourselves in being able to provide you all 3 and more…
Why choose Us?

One of the biggest reasons aspiring Testers fail is not because they don’t know the syllabus. No, It is because of the Interview. The act of getting the Interview via a fully comprehensive CV and being able to show at the Interview that you are personable, capable and diligent is a large hill for many to cross over. That’s why we focus on those important parts. Our CV and Interview workshops ensure you have a full package to guide you to your next £40k job with ease and assurance.

Our benefits don’t finish after you gain your new job. Our team of developers and testers have created real life projects for you to gain real life work experience with the same technology you will be using at your new job. Whether it be Jira or Postman, we help you navigate through so that you don’t appear at your new job a newbie

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